Enhanced VCO FAQ's

1.   How much Enhanced VCO should one ingest daily to receive its health benefits?.

An adult needs 2 - 5 Enhanced VCO softgels per day . (preferably before breakfast).
Children 1 - 2 VCO softgels per day.

The health benefits of Enhanced VCO are mainly from the nutrient value of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs).

2.   Are there any “side effects” of Enhanced VCO

Enhanced VCO is a food not a medication and therefore it does not have “side effects”. There could be some adverse reactions in the beginning. Since lauric acid supports natural antibacterial and antiviral function, there could also be “die-off” effects from the Enhanced VCO as these organisms are eliminated from the body. The most common reaction is slight diarrhea.

3.   How is Enhanced VCO different from other coconut oils?.

The determining characteristic of pure VCO is that they contain 45 – 55% lauric acid, no protein, carbohydrate, natural sugar and cholesterol. They are made from fresh coconuts, transparent and have a distinct aroma and taste of coconuts present.

4.   Does Enhanced VCO need to be kept in the refrigerator, and how long does it last?.

No, Enhanced VCO does not need to be kept in the refrigerator. VCO is found to last more than 2 years at room temperatures.

5.   Is Enhanced VCO Safe?

Yes, it is safe to consume Enhanced VCO.  Furthermore, VCO is listed in the “Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)” by the USFDA.

6.   What is the difference between Enhanced VCO and ordinary coconut oil?.

Orifera VCO is biotechnologically processed without heat or chemical. The method preserves the original internal structure of the oil which becomes wholesome functional food.

Ordinary coconut oil is processed with heat or chemical application which disturbs the original internal structure of the oil. Changes to the molecular structure of the oil cause harmful effect to the body.

7.   Is Enhanced VCO organic ?

Enhanced VCO is organic since the coconut supply comes from smallholders whose plants grow naturally without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

8.   Does Enhanced VCO contain cholesterol?

No, Orifera VCO does not contain cholesterol.

9.   Does Enhanced VCO increase body weight like any other fat?

No, the liver will convert Enhanced VCO into energy once consumed. Hence, Enhanceed VCO doesn’t become body fat and it doesn’t contribute to any weight gain.

In fact Enhanced VCO promotes weight loss by increasing body metabolic rate.



Yours for Health and Longevity,

   David Wright
   Enhanced VCO™