Enhanced VCO Testimonials

1.   Many of my family members and friends were down with flu, cough and cold during the recent haze. They were surprised I was not affected. My secret, Virgin Coconut Oil which is highly nutritional. –

-  Ros, California

2.   I started taking Virgin Coconut Oil after months of experiencing serious backaches. After taking enhanced VCO for a week, I notice the pain has reduced. I continue adding in my daily diet and now I no longer have backache.

 – Mr Aru, New York

3.   I noticed the boil on my thigh became smaller after consuming Enhanced Virgin Coconut Oil. After two weeks, the boil had disappeared.

– Yogendran, Chicago

4.   My child has constipation problem. I gave him enhanced VCO twice a day and notice that the condition has improved.

 - Wendy, Dallas

I have high blood pressure and diabetes. My doctor has noticed that my high blood and diabetic condition has improved after taking Enhanced VCO for a few weeks. Now I am taking less medication.

– Philips, San Jose

6.   I had problem urinating. After consuming Enhanceed VCO for several weeks, my condition has improved and now I no longer have the problem. I will carry on making Enhanced VCO part of my daily food.

- Leslie Nemzek, Detroit

7.   Things have changed after consuming 4 bottles of Enhanced VCO. The sugar level in my blood has dropped tremendously. Now my condition has become back to normal.

- Mary, Jacksonville

8.   After taking Enhanced VCO, my face look younger. I feel more energetic and slimmer. Many of many colleagues commented on my new look

- Joyce, Fremont

9.   I had angioplasty 3 years ago and was on medication for hypertension, cholesterol and also blood thinning medication to prevent blood clots formation. After taking Enhanced for 4 months, I went for scan, my doctor was amazed that one of my arteries which was 50% blocked has cleared.  I believe this is because of the effects from Enhanced VCO


Yours for Health and Longevity,

   David Wright
   Enhanced VCO™